Monday, March 06, 2006

The NHS Homes scandal

Having watched last nights Panorama program there will be a lot of angry people out there. The program highlighted the gradual change in how the government are shifting responsibility away from the state to the local authorities on how and who should be funding peoples long term care. Every year there are over 70,000 homes sold to fund long term care. This is a shocking situation when people have worked all their lives to pay off their mortgage and all they want to do is leave it to their children. Mark my words this situation is only going to get worse. There is a £30 billion black hole in long term care funding and the governmentt want us to pay for it.
The program highlighted the fact that most peoplee should have been funded anyway and Local authorities are changing the care from medical to residential care which is means tested.

If you plan your estate correctly then you can stop this happening. People need to do this years in advance of someone going into care. This can simply be done by changing the way you own your property from Joint Tenants to Tenants in Common.There is a full explanation on our web site at
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