Thursday, March 02, 2006


Welcome to our Blog. The purpose of this site is to give people all the free information they require to plan their estates properly to ensure that Gordon Brown or any of his successors cant get their hands on any of your hard earned cash when you die.
I have been in the Will writing industry for some years and am appalled at the lack of planning people do with regards to Wills and Estate Planning.
Do you want the tax man to get 40% of your estate if you die. I think not.
With proper planning you get your Estate up to £550,000 before you pay any Inheritance tax.

Post your questions and we will point you in the right Direction.


lee said...

Hi Mark,

I recently had a will made and it was suggested that I see an Independent Financial Advisor who specialised in Inheritance Tax Planning.

Talk about an eye-opener, I would recommend that anybody with good equity seek advice, it is completely unbelieavable as to what the Tax Man can take.

Charlie Cory said...

Excellent site! Consider it bookmarked. I haven't had time to read everything on here just yet, but I have one question relating to Trusts. Do you have an opinion on trusts as a mecahnism for safeguarding one's assets for one's children?