Thursday, March 02, 2006

What to look for in a Will writer

Firstly lets clear a few things up. Anyone can write a Will there is no legal requirement for a solicitor to do it. You can write your own but beware - there are many pitfalls in home made wills and they can be challenged or fail all too easily. This is your estate we are talking about so don't take it lightly.

A good will writer will be a member of The Society of Will writers or The Institute of Will Writers if they are not why not? These are the governing bodies of the industry. Also they should have Professional Indemnity Insurance preferably £2,000,000 per case. If notdon'tt deal with them as if anything goes wrong your family need to be recompensed for any loss.

Do they know what they are doing. Will writing is a bit like the Mortgage market was 10 years ago. Anyone can set up as a will writer and operate out of their back bedroom. They may be storing your wills at home, they may have noinsurancee so becarefull.

Always ask for proof ofmembershipp and ask forprooff of Insurance if they cant give you thesedon'tt deal with them.

Also are the selling on price. We have all seen the adverts "Get your Will for £19.99" nonsense. If you think about it how can anybody run a proper business and provide a quality service for £19.99.
For a properly drafted Will you should be looking at approximately £80-£100 for a Single will and £120-£150 for a set of Mirror Wills.
Dont go for the cheapest. When a problem does arise unfortuneatly you wont be there to sort it out and your family could end up loosing out financially.

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