Sunday, March 05, 2006

Writing your Will on line

Having looked at the many and varied on line Will sites there is a constant theme running throgh them. They are all trying to portray a "easy" or "simple" approach or 5 minute this and ten minute that. This tends to lull the user into the fact that Wills are a simple thing to do. Well yes they are if you have the right information and its going to achieve what you want it to.
Having seen many home made and on line made Wills from all sorts of clients this does concern me. Most of them allow you to print out the Will there and then. No intervention from a qualified Will drafter to ensure the clients are doing the right thing for their particular circumstances.
There is one very good site that allows you to complete all the instructions on line and then it is checked for you and then they print and bound the documents and send via the post.

Take a look at

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